Do you want to (day) trade with starting capital?

(extra) income with trading

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Are you a day trader? This is how you arrange your starting capital!

Full-time or part-time income

Trading, actively trading on the financial markets to achieve good returns. Day trading has become very popular in recent years. Have you been day trading for a while and do you want to scale up so that you can get more than a part-time income? Then choose for online funded trading.
You bring the skills, they bring the capital.
This way you create a nice full-time online income.
Want to know how this exactly works ?

It is no secret that many people lose money trading. Various studies show that 90 percent of people lose 90 percent of their capital within 90 days trading. That is of course a lot. What are the reasons for this?

  • Too little knowledge
  • Poor risk management
  • No discipline
  • Not enough money


These are the four most common reasons people lose money trading. Too little knowledge makes you take trades that have no positive expectancy. The result? Losing money in the long run. Do you also combine this with poor risk management and little discipline? Then you will run out of capital in no time.

Why is daytrading capital so important?

Don't trade with your own money

Moreover, many traders trade with too little starting capital. As a result, they are often forced to take too much risk. Taking too much risk always leads to losses. By choosing online funded trading, you gain access to more (start) capital. This makes it easier to manage your risk and not to risk too much per trade. The consequence? Consistent results, instead of deep dips.

Choose an online
day trading funding!

Online funded trading with capital

It’s very simple: good traders are rare.¬†Learning to trade takes a lot of time and energy.¬†Trading is often reserved for a certain type of person.¬†Are you a good trader?¬†Then there are plenty of companies and people who are interested in investing in you.¬†This is where funding comes in. As a retail trader you often do not have enough capital to trade full-time.

It may just be that you do have the knowledge, but that you can’t get any income from this because you don’t have enough capital. You can change that. Opt for day trading funding. You bring your knowledge and experience. You bring your skills and the capital is then arranged for you. Are you really good? Then you can quickly scale up to earn even more money trading online. After all, you own the skills, so why not scale up? That’s a shame.

Would you like to know more about funding for day traders?
How online funded trading works

You now know how important it is to arrange funding as a trader. An account that is too small means taking too much risk.¬†In addition, it also causes you to run into emotional obstacles.¬†It may just be that you have been trading for eight hours and have only made $50.¬†That is of course not worth it.¬†Is your account bigger?¬†Then this can just be $ 500 and that is worth it. ”Click on view ”Futures Funding” for more information how you can arrange funding. Scale up and become a part-time or full-time online funded day trader.

How does funded trading work?
Start as a beginner

Regardless of your experience, skills or status, they support your development without using your own capital. The program is designed to help you manage risk, sharpen strategies and become consistently profitable. Watch the video and learn how you can be funded in [2022] to trade Futures or Forex (profitably) with capital. Risk free..

What do they have to offer you?
A safe environment

Why risk your own capital? A proven funded option for your trading since 2012.

Generous profit

Keep 100% of your first
$10,000 and 80% of everything
what you earn afterwards .


Coaching, access to experts, tools and resources to help build your capital.


Really smart people in Chicago are waiting for your call, chat or email.

[Starting Capital]
  • Profit to be made per step: $3,000
  • Max Position: 5 Mini contracts
  • Daily Loss Limit: $1,000
  • Weekly Loss Limit: $1,000
  • Maximum Loss Limit: $2,000
Futures Funding
  • Profit target per step: $6,000
  • Max Position: 10 Mini contracts
  • Daily Loss Limit: $2,000
  • Weekly Loss Limit: $2,000
  • Maximum Loss Limit: $3,000
[Buying Power]
  • Profit to be achieved per step: $9,000
  • Max Position: 15 Mini contracts
  • Daily Loss Limit: $3,000
  • Weekly Loss Limit: $3,000
  • Maximum Loss Limit: $4,500
Achieve your goals and get funded.
No nonsense,
Manage your risk

Just because you can trade around the clock doesn’t mean you always should.¬†Traders should be aware of volatility and illiquidity to avoid excessive losses.

Manage your loss

Professional traders limit how much they want to lose over a period of time. Daily, weekly and max stops will keep a few bad trades from sinking your trading account.

Protect your profit

The size you trade must always be compatible with the equity in your account. The position limits and the upscaling plan encourage you to maintain this balance.


We realize that no one is perfect ‚Äď even trading robots make mistakes.¬†If you break a rule in the trade combination, you can start the reset again in your current step.

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